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Should women consider weight training in their workout routine - know why?

Have you ever been haunted by Cardio, in your attempts to lose weight ??

Well, do you know that you can burn just as much fat by weight training?

And honestly, don't worry about gaining muscles even if you're a woman. The lower levels of testosterone won't make you look like a professional wrestler unless you use supplements on a consistent basis. Weight training will give shape and tone your body that everyone strives for.

Now, Instead of just hitting cardio machines, here are 7 benefits to do a weight training program for women-

  • You'll Burn More Calories: Lifting raises the amount of calories burnt as muscles require energy to repair fibers after you exercise. Studies indicate that metabolism increases for almost 40 hrs. after an individual completes a full-body workout. In comparison to those who don't lift, it also burns a higher percentage of body fat.

  • Revitalize your metabolism: You'll see a rise in your metabolism rate just after 3 days of dumbbell workouts. With a proper diet, regular lifting might aid in burning calories more efficiently than cardio would alone do.

  • You'll shape your body quicker: Cardio isn't just about aerobics. Research shows that adding weights to circuit training increases your heart rate by 15 BPM that is more than 60% of your maximum heart rate. This makes muscles stronger and offers cardiovascular benefits akin to what is accomplished through aerobic exercise.

  • Prevents injury: Lifting weights is a key to stay injury free. Besides getting stronger muscles, research shows that resistance training strengthens tendons and ligaments. This prevents you from any physical suffering while doing regular activities.

  • Your bones will be protected: Strength training and weight-bearing workouts, in general, are believed to reduce the risk of fractures and enhance bone density in older adults.

  • You'll get quick results: Strength training brings fast results. It merely takes between 2 to 3 sessions per week within a month to see muscles shape up. Lifting non-heavy weights can also be beneficial for building muscle, assuming you continue to stimulate muscle fatigue.

  • You'll be less stressed and more happy: Similar to many types of physical activity, mild lifting is advantageous to your mental health. There is a connection between strength training and lowered symptoms of depression and anxiety, in addition to enhanced brainpower and self-esteem.

Consider getting in between 2 and 3 sessions of resistance training each week. You will see an improvement in your health and well-being.

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