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How to stay fit in Festival Season

Diwali or any other Festival means Holiday !

But is your body also aware about it or not ?

Does your body know that it should not get fatty and unbalanced during the festivals ????

No, right ! So just follow some easy steps, by which you stay fit in every festival season and enjoy the festival fruitfully. Here you go.

Stay Hydrated

We all know this fact but often repeat the same mistake. Water plays an important role in our body and during the festival season we often skip the water intake on a daily basis. An average human has to take 10 to 12 glasses of water daily and in the festival season we don't even take this amount that leads our body to dehydration. Water not only hydrates our body but also detoxes our body. Water also prevents you from overeating in the festival season which is a common problem.

Start your Day with the Healthy Meal

In festival season we often take our meal in relatives' houses or outside the home, which is not according to our diet chart. So start your day with a healthy meal, like a breakfast you can take a balanced diet like salad, fruits, sprouts etc. that will ultimately make your all day diet balanced and keep you energized the whole day. It will balance the calorie intake from heavy lunches and dinners. You can also include juices in your breakfast to make your meal more Healthy.

Stay away from Caffeine

In the festival season we often visit our friends and family houses and there we drink a lot of tea and coffee, at the end of the count go is 10-12 cups of caffeine. This much amount of caffeine is not good for health so prefer water or lemon water instead of tea or coffee at your friend or family house. Try to stay away from Caffeine as much as you can.

Take small Plates and Don't jump into the Packets

Eat whatever you want but in smaller plates and small quantities. This will help you from overeating and intaking extra calories. Small plates help you to eat only those foods that are your most favorite and you take it in a balanced manner. Also the same goes with wafers and snakes. Never jump into the packets, take the snakes in the Bowl or plate so that you can see how much you are eating. This will also help you to manage your diet.

Make Sweets at Home

This sounds too time consuming, but the benefits of home made sweets are countless.

Unlike the Market's sweets, we can choose what type of sugar, oil, ghee etc. we can use in our sweets. Like you can use Low fat milk instead of Heavy Creams, use very beneficial Desi Ghee instead of Vanaspati Ghee or oil, use sugar substitutes like Stevia, use air frying or shallow frying instead of deep frying, replace cold drinks or beverages with lemon water and juices etc.

Even with all these you have a satisfaction of the purity of your own hands.

Sleep Well

Sleep is one of the major factors of our healthy lifestyle. In the festival season, due to a lot of work and enjoyment, we often skip or shorten our sleep schedule, which is very harmful for our health and makes you Lazy/sleepy the whole day.

Proper sleep makes your body energetic and refreshes your mind so you can enjoy the festivals completely. So at least take 6-7 hours of sleep daily.

Don't skip Workouts

Even in the festival season don't miss the workout. Workout not only makes you look good but gives you energy and enthusiasm for the day. Make it a habit of working out. Weather walk, yoga, jogging, running, exercise etc. But do not skip it. It ultimately makes you healthy and balances the extra calories that's been taken in the festival season.

Bottom line

All these points are important on normal days and must be done in the festival season to make yourself consistently healthy and fit. Try to avoid consuming extra calories and junk food in this festival season. Keep doing exercises and be Fit.

Eat Healthy Exercise Daily and Stay Wealthy.

Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy Diwali.

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