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Benefits of 'Desi Ghee'.

'Ghee' can easily make anyone its fan, not just only by its tastes but also by its health benefits.

Desi Ghee contains n number of health benefits, that's why in Hinduism it's an important ingredient not only in Cooking but also in the Worship of God.

Ghee has several health benefits as discussed below:-

  • Helps the Digestive system:- Ghee contains a special type of saturated fat called SCFA(Short-chain fatty acids).

Unlike LCFA(Long-chain fatty acids) Ghee improves the absorption ability of the small intestines and decreases the acidic pH of our gastrointestinal tract. That's why it's used for energy instantly.

  • Enough CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acids):- Ghee contains enough CLA that shrink fat cells and take them to normal size. Ghee also cuts stubborn Fat and cholesterol.

  • High Smoke Point:- Ghee has the highest smoke point more than 250°C, so it didn't break its fatty acids unlike other cooking oils, and make your food good for consumption even after deep frying.

Raw Ghee above your food decreases the GI(glycemic index control blood sugar level) of the food and makes it more Healthy.

Good for Constipation:- Ghee assimilates nutrients of your food. Ghee contains Butyric acid that makes digestion easy.

It has Prebiotics that help gut-friendly bacteria's which are beneficial for digestion and ultimately help to remove constipation. It lined the gut and reduced the chances of ulcers and cancer.

  • Treats Menstrual Problems:- Ghee is a good source of critical oil-soluble vitamins A and E, that balance hormones and fertility. Hence, Ghee gives relief to your menstrual problems like PMS and irregular periods.

  • Appetizers and Enhance Taste:- Ghee increases the appetite in kids and adults which helps in overall growth. Also, it elevates the taste of any dish like Dal(pulses), Rice, Roti(Bread), etc.

  • Strengthens Bones:- Ghee is a rich source of vitamin K, which helps in calcium absorption. It helps in preventing tooth decay and atherosclerosis.

  • Lactose-Free:- Ghee is a boon for lactose-intolerant people. Ghee does not contain lactose. It doesn’t cause allergies in those who suffer from dairy or casein intolerance.

  • Heart Healthy:- Ghee contains Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce Cholesterol. Along with this, it is Rich in Antioxidants, CLA, and Fat-soluble Vitamins like A, D, and E, which are beneficial for your Heart.

  • Gift for 5 Senses:- According to Ayurveda if we use one drop of Ghee in each nostril every day, then it will enhance the function of each part above your collarbone. That means it improves our eyesight, hearing power, skin and hair health, improves memory, and cures colds.

  • Treats Insomnia:- Ghee is a wonderful ingredient suffering from severe insomnia. Gently rub ghee on the temples and on the stomach around the navel to balance Vata and to cool down the body. This massage leaves a calming effect on the mind, triggering a good amount of sleep.

  • Other Benefits:- Other than the above benefits, Ghee Boost fertility, cure Hormonal imbalance, lubricate Joints, cure Stress and Anxiety, Boost energy, cure thyroid dysfunction, and whatnot. Ghee also has anti-inflammatory properties that cure burns.

How and how much we can use Ghee.

Ghee can be used in various ways and with various foods. The best part is Ghee can be used by people of any body type, age group,and no gender boundation.

One can easily consume 2-5 tablespoons or 15-30gm per day.

You can use Ghee directly over your food, in Chapati, in vegetables for frying, deep-frying, etc.

We get Do's now know about some Don'ts:-

Because of having a lot of benefits that doesn't mean you should start eating too many sweets made up of Ghee. These sweets make you fat and even ghee doesn't make you healthy, the reason is the refined sugar in sweets.

If you are taking Curd in your meal then Avoid Ghee. Curd + Ghee is not a good combination.

Also Ghee and Honey together are no less than Poison. Better not to take them together.

Last but not the Least

Ghee has an important place in Ayurveda. It is beneficial for every part of the body more or less. By the right way to use an ingredient like Ghee one can live longer and healthier than Average. Hence, keep using Ghee wisely.

Eat Healthy, Exercise Daily, and Stay Wealthy.

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