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Protein For Beginners - Anything Relevant Or Just A Marketing Strategy?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

We all are much aware of the importance of proteins in our diet. If you still don't know the importance of proteins, you can refer to our earlier blog on the Importance of Proteins which discuss what proteins are and how and why they are a much-needed asset for the human body. Proteins are generally referred to as building blocks of the body because they perform various crucial synthesis works for the body which cannot be replaced by any nutrient at any cost! Just as the strength of a building depends upon its each building block, providing overall composition, structure, strength and shape to the building, similarly, proteins are also vital to the human body in innumerable ways ranging from providing energy to giving strength and structure, from providing growth and maintenance to tissues to providing with antibodies and hormonal proteins for carrying out hormonal activities at ease, there are many more functions of proteins and thus they are very much vital for balanced health.

When you are more into fitness, or an athlete, a gymnast, or a sportsperson, you know exactly what protein means to you. Proteins are required for gaining muscle mass and growth during the transitioning periods which you undergo during your training phases. Also, you might get into some kinds of muscle injuries or ruptures or tissue injuries etc and there comes the role of proteins which help in fast recovery by providing essential and required amount of proteins and scales up recovery rate too. Thus proteins area must whether you are a normal person or a training beginner or you are recovering from injuries or illness.

Which protein is better for beginners?

Although this is completely a diplomat topic considering types of proteins present and then arriving at the discussion of which one is better. This is the most discussed question among fitness freaks and beginners that which of the proteins is best for beginners and which is not. Understand that this is just a marketing strategy to promote protein supplements among the beginner audience.

Protein is indeed a requirement but it's a matter of what is exactly required by your body, what is your existing body structure, your specific requirements and needs of the body. The fact actually is body of either type requires protein to keep it toned and in proper structure. No certain criteria is specified for beginner's still you can count on a few factors over which one can count on while considering protein supplement in his diet.

· Allergen friendly – Everybody's structure is different and react differently to different foods and proteins in general but every body has similar protein requirements to grow and develop. However, when you select any supplement you must be careful about the your allergies. You should go for allergen friendly protein supplement.

· Fibre friendly – Plants contain lots and lots of fibres. Sometimes, you may require a protein supplement or a protein intake that is rich in fibre and so you can search for a specific ingredient in your protein. But it is again important to understan only plant based protein will not fulfill your body needs.

· Fulfilling expectations – Many times it happens that certain proteins doesn’t show harmful effects or allergies and suits your body, but show no expected results. Such proteins are neither harmful nor allergic nor beneficial. That's why one needs to keep a check on the results a protein diet produces.

· Amount specific – It is recommended to consume 1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight of proteins per day. But sometimes in some kind of injuries or say some sort of training requires a surplus amount of proteins to fulfil the need required by the body. Here you will require protein supplement that will provide you the energy to recover as specific proteins are responsible for wear and tear of the tissues. Hence, they should be amount specific.

There is no exact parameter of choosing what protein is best for beginner's. If only plant based protein can fulfill the needs, then there should be no requirement for animal based protein. There are various debates over which protein is best for beginners but the answer lies in the fact that it depends upon an individual body requirement and depends upon certain factors mentioned above.

So, choose your beginner's protein wisely! For more such blog posts keep reading and do like and comment your suggestions for the topics you would like to seek better information on. Stay connected with Coach Nikk and keep working out!

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