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Understand Proteins - Clarify Your Mind!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Each block of a building holds so much importance as each of it is responsible for the structure stand still and strong. Hence, each building block matters the most for the structure. Similarly, we have heard that proteins are the building block of our body. There are innumerable benefits of proteins and we largely depend upon proteins because we require them in almost all of the synthesis procedures of the body.

What Are Proteins?

Proteins are complex molecules and are regarded as nutrients. Proteins are building up from a chain or say from a combination of smaller units called amino acids. We basically can observe twenty different kinds of amino acids to combine and form complex proteins.

Protein Functions

Just as we were discussing above regarding the innumerable benefits of proteins in the body, let us see what all vital functions a protein perform.

Growth and maintenance proteins are required for the growth and maintenance of the body. It helps to repair the wear and tear of tissues. Also, we need proteins when we are in a state of transition, or recovery or growth. For example, a person who is professionally willing to gain weight requires protein in huge amounts or else if you are an athlete or a sportsperson then there's an abundance need of proteins where it can work on growth synthesis. Also, we need proteins during pregnancy, breastfeeding or illness etc.

Provides strength and structure some proteins are fibrous while some provide stiffness and rigidity to cells and tissues. Structural proteins include – Keratin – a protein found in skin, hair and nails, Collagen – found in bones, tendons, ligaments and skin; Elastin – found in the uterus, lungs and arteries provides elasticity to tissues to regain their original shape after expanding and contracting. Hence protein is an essential nutrient that nourishes, builds and tones every part of our body.

Helps in balancing hormones protein act as a chemical messenger that eases communication between cells tissues and organs. These are made up of amino acids which control most of the body's hormones. Some are made up of fat cholesterol and controls sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone. Amine makes sleep and metabolism hormones. This concludes that protein acts as a messenger to balance hormones.

Boosts immunity protein boosts immunity by fighting against infections. Special immunity booster proteins, called antibodies fight with invading germs, bacteria, viruses and protect us from the infections these germs or microorganisms can cause. Whenever such foreign invaders try to enter over bodies, our body releases antibodies that block them and save us from their effect.

Transports and stores food these transport proteins transport vitamins and minerals, oxygen, blood sugar and cholesterol throughout your bloodstreams into cells, outside cells or within cells. Also, there are specific proteins that store food as well.

Increases muscle mass and strength proteins make muscle mass gain easier. We discussed above that body requires proteins for growth and maintenance and especially during a body transitioning phase. That's why many athletes, gymnasts or even sportspersons intake adequate and huge amounts of proteins in their diet to fulfil the need and ease the process. Proteins stimulates muscle building as well.

So now you see there are various benefits of proteins and to be precise majority functioning of the body is controlled by proteins; from hormones to the strength of bones, gaining muscle mass to complex transporting of food to cells and tissues of the body, every activity is governed by proteins. You can gain surplus proteins by protein-packed foods like lean meat, chicken, duck, emu, bush bugs etc., fish and seafood, eggs, dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese, pulses, legumes and beans, nuts etc. also you can add protein supplements to your diet. Homemade proteins have prevailed in this context.

Thus, proteins hold a vital role in our health and so does adequate protein consumption is important.

For more such informative posts keep reading, and do comment your suggestions as well. We'd love to consider them and improve ourselves.

Stay healthy and safe!

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