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Why you should not consider pulses in protein sources.

What Rubbish, do they really know anything about Diet ???

"But just read it once before making your decision."

Since the very beginning, our Grandparents and parents told us that pulses are rich in protein, iron, vitamins, etc, and help you to grow faster and stronger. Indeed they were right but partially, How? Know here.

Nowadays due to the hectic schedule and impure/chemical food products, the human body needs different types of Proteins, Vitamins, Amino Acids, etc and pulses don't contain all of these as they are plant-based proteins.

Type of Protein

Basically, there are two categories or sources of protein i.e., Animal-Based Protein and Plant-based Protein. The main difference between plant-based and animal-based proteins is their amino acid profile.

Animal-based protein includes eggs, fish, chicken, other meat, whey dairy products, etc. While plant-based protein includes beans, pea, chickpeas, brown rice, Legumes, etc.

The terms “legumes” and “pulses” are interchangeable because all pulses are considered legumes but not all legumes are considered pulses.

Why prefer other sources of protein over Pulses(plant-based protein)?

It is important to understand the role of amino acids in proteins. Protein molecules are made up of 20 different amino acids. All 9 Essential amino acids are not produced by the human body and must be consumed through food and supplementation. Most plant proteins are considered incomplete proteins.

That means pulses or plant-based protein might complete your daily energy requirements but don't help that much in muscle building or post-surgery recovery needs.

If not Pulses/Legumes then what?

Most of the Animal-Based Proteins contain all 9 Essential amino acids that are required to consume in order to build muscle, post-surgery recovery, muscle damage recovery, etc. Because 80% of the muscles are made up of amino acids. Moreover, Animal proteins like Whey are recommended to Athletes and who need to increase muscle mass, because of their effect on skeletal muscle and tissue repair.

Tips for Vegetarians.

As most of the community wanted to stay a vegetarian. So don't worry about it, you can still gain muscles and have a lot of protein without using meat and eggs.

As we discussed above, Whey and dairy products are also in animal-based protein. Dairy products like milk, cheese, etc are good sources of protein, but most consumers don't know what type of milk gives them maximum results. Desi Cow milk that contains A2 variant of beta-casein protein are the best instead of other milk and Also complete the requirement of the remaining Amino Acids with vegetables and other supplements.

Unfair with Vegans?

Not at all friends, there's always a way and here it is, whether pulses or plant-based protein having limited amounts of essential amino acids like methionine, tryptophan, and cysteine. But one can intake them with additional amino acids (e.g. Branched Chain Amino Acids) either through other plant protein sources or nutritional supplements. Hence you need the supplement to get them into your body and stimulate your muscle protein synthesis.

At the End

Proteins are an important part of our body and we can absorb about 30 grams of protein from a meal. That means we must have all the essential Proteins (Amino Acids) in our single meal. This could easily happen with Animal-Based Protein, not with pulses or plant-based protein.

Proteins provided by the pulses are used by us as a source of energy and didn't use it to build muscle or in repair. That's a major reason for using Animal-Based Protein, so we can work and grow simultaneously.


Eat Healthy, Exercise Daily, and Stay Wealthy.

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