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Weight loss with Apple Cider Vinegar, truth or myth, read now!

Wanna loose Weight ?

Try Apple Cider Vinegar, It has a lot of benefits!

We often hear these types of statements when someone gives his/her advice regarding weight loss. But No one talks about its Side effects ? There is a saying Anything that exceeds its limits is hazardous, the same thing happens with Apple Cider Vinegar.

It is must to know the light in order to explore the Darkness. Let's check out how bright is ACV for the body health.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar helps you in several ways but temporarily. It contains antibacterial properties that will help in your eczema, pimples & dry skin, dandruff, manages Blood sugar Level in type two Diabetes, helps to reduce body Odour, helps in sore throats and also good for digestion.

With all these benefits a lot of us have started using it in excessive amounts in the name of weight loss. This is really important to burst this myth that apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss. Understand that this is just a product marketing to make you buy it more. Read further to know about its side effects.

Side effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

Decrease Potassium Level - By using ACV frequently, our body's potassium level keeps decreasing, and leads to Hypokalemia, which is not good for Heart.

Erosion of Tooth Enamel - ACV contains Acetic Acid which depletes the Enamel, the protective layer of the teeth, causing damage to them.

Renin Level Increase - Due to ACV, Renin Level might get altered in the body, which leads to water absorption problems in the body.

Digestive Side Effects - Due to the Acetic Acid in ACV decreases appetite and gives the feeling of fullness, so people didn't get proper nutrition for their body as they needed.

Throat Burn - ACV contains 5-20% of the Acetic Acid, and using ACV directly causes esophageal or Throat Burn.

Delayed Stomach Emptying - ACV delays the processing of food by which our body didn't absorb sugar, but it will lead to Delayed Stomach Emptying which could results Acidity, constipation like stomach problems.

Skin Burn - Acetic Acid is the main component of ACV, and due to acetic acid if we don't use it in diluted form it will burn our skin.

People who must not consume ACV

People suffering from stomach ulcer and kidney problems, taking medication for heart disease, blood sugar level, hypertension, suffering from gastroparesis, Pregnant Women must not use it, It might affect the health of the baby, mother or both.

Myths Of ACV

All shining things aren't Gold. In the same way there are some myths about ACV we are going to expose :-

ACV helps in Diabetes by increasing Insulin in the body, BUT it happens only when you consume ACV with 'complex carbohydrates' i.e, Brown Rice, Brown Bread, sweet potato, etc. And not with 'simple carbohydrates' like White Rice, Sugar, Sweets etc.

ACV promotes feeling of fullness, but these effects may be due to an increase in Indigestion, not by natural Appetite. ACV slow down the rate of movement of food from stomach to lower digestive tract, by which body didn't properly absorb Sugar from food, but it sometimes results gastroparesis(delayed Stomach Emptying)

Last but not the Least

Majority of people use ACV in weight loss or for Diabetes, but there is no full proof research present, so it's better to avoid ACV. Now for the Weight loss, a proper diet and regular exercise are best.

Moreover if you wanna use ACV then use it with your salad, as an ingredient in food etc, only to enhance your taste but not from a health perspective.

Do exercise Daily maintain your Diet and keep in touch. Stay healthy.

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1 Comment

sruthi boyina
sruthi boyina
Aug 31, 2021

What about plant based collagen boosters now trending for women? Do they also have any side effects ?

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