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Reasons to include fish oil in the diet, know why?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

If you are in the mindset to achieve a fit regime and a healthy balanced lifestyle, you need to intake supplements beyond just physical pieces of training, workouts and diet plans. But the question arises that why even do we need supplements apart from regular dietary foods? Well, we all are very much aware of the fact that a human body works like an exhaustible – machine and is very sensitive and prone to internal injuries. Once, we get caught in this cycle of overburdening our body with excessive pieces of training and also stuck with the un-invited injuries; then will drain the metabolism and drag the physical stamina lower than usual. And here, in this part of transitioning, supplements play a vital role.

Supplements are the synthetic way of adding surplus dietary nutrients required by the body in a specific manner. These can be naturally extracted from food sources. They fulfil and provide with the required nutrient lacking in the body or is needed in surplus for achieving a higher degree of core physical ability.

NOTE - Also, consuming supplements without proper prescription or professional surveillance can result in unhealthy repercussions and side effects. Thus in-taking supplements with proper and specific prescription are a must and advisable!

One such widely acceptable and widely consumed supplement is fish oil. As the name suggests, fish oil is a supplement rich in fish oil content derived from oily fish tissues. It enriches the requirement of omega – 3 fatty acids by providing eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in particular. Interestingly, fish oil effectuates a much need of omega – 3 fatty acids which the human body naturally couldn't produce. There are various benefits of consuming fish oil as a dietary supplement. With the presence of such innumerable advantages and benefits of fish oil, and the appropriate nutrient fulfilling it does, it is doubtlessly advisable to consider adding fish oil to your dietary intake.

Benefits of adding fish oil to your diet

Aid in Angioplasty proven research explains the aid of fish oil in angioplasty (a technique of unblocking blocked coronary arteries caused by coronary artery disease). It helps in re-blockage by up to 45% by prescribing it a few weeks before and also after the angioplasty.

Controls High Blood Pressure - It is observed that fish oil is beneficial in slightly lowering high blood pressure problems for people facing moderate to high blood pressure issues.

Cure hallucinations - In teenagers it is observed in teenagers and young adults that a problem of hallucinations and delusions is being cured to a great extent when diagnosed in the initial stages.

With weight loss - Along with weight loss exercise and diet plans, one should also consider adding fish oil in the diet as it will help to fasten the weight loss process in obese people.

Good for eyesight - Omega -3 fatty acids are proven to provide good eyesight or eye health and thus fish oil is a catalyst in the process.

Maternal benefits - It has been observed that fish oil supplements benefit in pregnancy period and breastfeeding or lactation period to some extent. Although lactating mothers should consume supplements under proper medical prescription only.

Reduces depression - A commonly found disease depression can be cured or say can be controlled at an early stage. EPA and DHA in particular are proven for helping cure depression and other mental health issues.

As it is very clear that the benefits of fish oil are innumerable and range from curing almost very basic to complex diseases, it is highly advisable to consider fish oil as a supplement in your dietary plan and observe amazing results. Also, you can connect with Nikk Fit World for more balanced and customised dietary plans and workout regimes.

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