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Increasing Height in Adulthood Is Not a real hack, Know Why?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Factors that influence your height

Genetics – Your height is broadly determined by genetics. It is estimated that genetics play the most crucial role say about up to 80% of how much taller an individual can grow.

Nutrition – One of the major reasons for height growth. The right nutrition is crucial for maximum height growth. With a lack of nutrients, children experience stunted growth. Proteins and vitamins along with minerals play a vital role as nutrients in determining height growth after genetics.

Illness or medical extremities – There can be many genetic or by- birth medical issues that result in stunted height growth. Medications for such illness can also affect growth during puberty adversely sometimes.

Sleep – Through sleep doesn't directly affect height growth but it is observed and researched that during sleep your body produces growth hormones and thus indirectly sleep affects your height growth.

Medications – As mentioned earlier, medications may have adverse effects on growth and growth hormones. Thus, medication may result in stunted height growth.

Measures to align posture and look taller

We have seen that it is next to impossible to grow height after the growth period but still there are ways we can align our posture through exercises or yoga and look a few centi-meters taller. Also, the below-provided measures are helpful for balanced health as well. So these measures are advisable on a general basis and for any age group to attain a taller look along with adopting healthy lifestyle regimes.

Yoga – Yoga is the best way to align your postures as well as it is prescribed for any age group and any disease as well. Yoga provides flexibility to your body, provide structure and composition and align your chakras as well. Thus yoga exercises can help in aligning your posture make you look better.

Practice good posture – Maintaining good posture while sitting, sleeping or walking also affects your visible height. Right posture in practice can make your look taller.

Eat a balanced diet – Just as mentioned above, a balanced diet is very crucial for height growth but even after the growth years you can still stick to the regime for proper posture and also it may rarely happen that your height can grow to some ratio.

Sleep – Sleeping produces growth hormones. While sleep is a very important factor for health and fitness, looking active and working productively, may be provided with good posture and alignment.

So now, you know that your height doesn't grow after puberty or at adulthood but you can surely look taller by aligning your posture. Also in some rare cases, with the help of the above measures, people have experienced a minute ratio of height growth. But this really doesn't happen in all the cases. For more such posts keep reading and comment on your opinion as well. Do not forget to paint the heart red. Keep care and Stay healthy!

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