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Improve Your Sleeping Pattern, Know How?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Have you ever wondered why many of you feel sleepy and lethargic during the first or second half of the day? Or have you wondered that why don't get sleep before 3 am in the night? Or I would ask even after sleeping for say 6-7 hours you feel tired and sleepy all over again? Well, these all happen due to your altered sleep patterns. It's okay to be in a hustle mode during your growth years and sacrificing almost everything to achieve targets and meet deadlines but risking your sleep cycle for the same won't turn in for good. Altering your sleep patterns will in turn produce both physical and psychological degradations for you. Your health gets impacted along with your productivity. And so, for the same reason you feel sleepy even before your very first meal in the morning, you feel sleepy while working and lack focus and productivity. There could be various reasons that trigger your sleep cycle. We will learn about them along with the ways to improve and sort your altered sleep pattern.

What triggers your sleep cycle?

· Eating meals immediately before bed – Eating or drinking a huge amount of water before bed may make you visit the washroom many times during sleep which would directly affect your sleep. Also, you may likely face acidity or gastric issues after your late-night meal and this too would break your sleep.

· Drinking alcohol, coffee or smoking before bed – You may hear people discussing alcohol and cigarettes' effect for effective sleep. But in reality, they break your sleep into fragments and when your sleep breaks it's really difficult to get back the normal sleep. Similarly, caffeine-induced products or chocolates shouldn't be consumed near before 4 hours of your bedtime to promote healthy effective sleep.

· Sleeping in an uncomfortable environment - your sleeping environment also promotes your effective sleep. You may be feeling too hot or cold or you are sleeping in around noisy atmosphere, this would affect your sleep.

· Exercising before bedtime – it is that state of the day where your body needs to be in a relaxed mode prepared for bedtime but if you do any impulsive activity before bedtime, it may take longer for you to get your mind and body into your sleep zone thus affecting your sleep.

· Reducing sleep frame – you may skip your sleep or take your sleep in intervals when you are occupied with work, but it has a very drastic effect on your routine sleep cycle. It disturbs your sleep pattern and then you may not get sleep at your routine bedtime.

Ways to improve sleep

· Sleeping environment – make sure your bedroom is as comfortable as you like it. It should be away from excessive noise and its temperature should be comfortable for you.

· Set sleep interval – you must have heard about circadian rhythm (the 24-hour cycle followed by your psychological self resulting in your routine lifestyle activities.) sleeping at different times triggers your sleep pattern. So it is advisable to set the time duration of when and how much to sleep.

· Put off lights!Sometimes our brain refuses to sleep around an excess of light. This happens because your system's circadian rhythm is refusing to sleep in bright light. You can put off excessive light by putting on curtains or completing blocking light sources. You can try to avoid blue light or electrical gadgets before 30 minutes of your bedtime.

· Get a comfortable mattress, pillow – you can switch to a comfortable bed and related accessories so that it can comfort your sleep and help you improve your sleep pattern.

· Take shower – researches have shown that taking a hot water bath or a shower eases night sleep. You can try this technique and improve your altered sleep pattern.

· Do not skip the night sleep - the crux of the article boils down to the fact that in the first place does not disturb your sleep pattern for anything. You can adopt various other measures to meet your deadlines, but you need to get a minimum of 6 – 7 hours of sleep to get you sane and protect your productivity.

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