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Healthy homemade Proteins are not so healthy, Read More!

It’s a very common belief amongst people that proteins are for those who do gym or who are athletes or sportspersons or undergoing any specific training. But this is not the case; we all equally need an adequate amount of proteins to stay healthy and fit. You can refer to our previous blog containing relevant information about proteins and their crucial role in our lives. Protein itself is a super nutrient, though you need every other almost in a balanced way. Now, the question arises is which protein to prefer? Well, it completely depends upon your specific requirement as well as your tolerance towards some specific edible stuff.

We come across a lot of content on the internet regarding homemade proteins and the theories they try to prove. In search for authentic content we ended up with blabbering unauthentic content.

In this blog we'd try to clarify this dilemma about homemade proteins and whether their proposed benefit is a myth or a fact.

Discrepancies or myths regarding homemade protein shakes and powders.

There are various ways prescribed to consume homemade proteins, the most consumed way is “milkshakes". Some make protein powders as well . Fitness freaks and bloggers assure few basic ingredients and factors for a homemade protein-rich shake; let's see how much true is that!

The protein shakes include -

· Peanut butter – This ingredient is mistaken as a protein-rich supplement rather it is a great source of a mixture of vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. Moreover, it won't benefit you with your protein requirement but it would give you 16grams of fats. Peanut butter can be replaced with oats or eggs which provide 11grams and 6 grams of protein respectively.

· Banana/fruits – Though banana is a good source for protein and can be consumed as a pre-workout or post work out food it is not the only option as it is hyped about! It is a rich source of carbohydrates, but not a protein-rich food. Further, every fruit is not protein rich rather can be a good source of vitamins and minerals.

· Flax seeds – A well-known superfood known for its exceptional contents rich in omega -3 fatty acids and fiber. It is not a proper protein food; it is good to consume it for cardiac diseases. This ingredient can also be replaced with other protein products like milk, egg, cottage cheese etc.

· Milk – Milk is such a great source of protein that only milk itself can fulfil your daily requirement of protein. But when you combine other "hyped protein foods" along with milk, it doesn't fulfil your concern about a protein shake. You can switch over to whey proteins or if you think even that is an expensive way of dealing out with your protein requirement then you simply consume other protein-rich foods or two glasses of milk daily.

The protein powders include -

Dry fruits & oats – Dry fruits can be a good source of proteins but there are several other nutrients as well. Moreover, having a tablespoonful of powdered roasted dry fruits won't give you the required amount of protein. Mixing oats is a good option but when mixed up the portion gets limited.

Hence, your home made protein powder becomes just a taste enriching powder.

Other ingredients may be variety of seeds. But this is to understand that you cannot have this powder the whole day. Only small proportions can be consumed which do not covers up your protein requirement in a proper manner. Many people are intolerant to lactose and thus cannot consume dairy products to fulfil their protein requirements. You can therefore switch to isolate whey protein.

These are very important factors why homemade protein shakes or powders are just a myth for providing the right amount of required proteins as much as they are hyped about.

So you see these, in reality, are hyped homemade protein recipes can be easily replaced by normal protein foods and still be able to get the right amount of proteins in the right proportion as needed by the body. Be wise while choosing your dietary supplement and research about any recipe or any hyped theory or any viral trend you get to know about. Getting the authentic facts and utilizing them for a changeover is the best way to deal with healthy lifestyle requirements.

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