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Broccoli, any difference from cauliflower or just an exotica?

Hola! The new and fit world!! The title of this article does sound like ‘batman vs superman” but is this really so? One start thinking of two and for a similar shape, is there anything else other than that which are similar or superior? Let’s start to compare our desi 'Gobhi' to this angrezi sabzi ‘Broccoli’: -

ORIGIN: - as we can see both are flower vegetable n consist of clustered florets. Our ‘Phool Gobhi’ is obviously locally grown and Broccoli was cultivated in Italy in ancient Roman times. Now it’s available widely in Indian market too n almost dominated our Phool Gobhi. Thanks to exotic love of our Indian people.

Health benefits of both

Our desi gobhi n angrezi broccoli both have more or less similar health benefits. In the run of health benefit no one is behind. They both r capable of saving us from: -

Hearth Diseases - Both the flowers consist many vitamins, fiber n minerals that help us to keep our heart in good shape. Researches indicates they both may reduce various heart disease risk factors and prevent heart tissue damage.

Digestive System - Both have superb fiber quantities and anti-inflammatory properties which help to keep human gut in good health.

Arthritis - It’s a common problem now days n affecting many in world. But if we include one of these cheap vegetable in our meal it could prevent joint pain and inflammation symptoms. Eating these not only prevent but also reduce arthritis symptoms.

Eye health - These were some of the few benefits of these sister vegetables. Other than above consumption of both help us in cataract cure as well.

Nutrient facts

Both broccoli n cauliflower has many good nutrients. They both are rich in calcium, vitamin A, C, K, minerals, fiber. Both are a full meal with low calories. Both have similar amount of protein, although neither of them is great source of it. Both of them have good iron, magnesium, zinc and folate. Though broccoli has little more calcium than cauliflower but all other nutrient are almost same or the difference is negligible.

Now tell me why broccoli why not cauliflower?

So quite a few obvious differences between the two, so why even bother to compare? If we see both are more or less similar in health benefits. When we truly start to understand the glory of a food [cooked/uncooked] the journey to forever beyond this body lifetime, begins. Most of us Indian spend our life time to chase angrezi sabziyan. We need to understand the importance n value of local grown vegetables and fruits. After reading all above I guess my readers must have understood that our ‘phool gobhi’ has almost all the benefits same as broccoli has.

So why wait, rush to market buy cauliflower n start cooking it in a right way n in a right mind set. Reduce weight, build muscles and strength and live a healthy life with using local grown products.

For more such posts keep reading and Do comment your opinion.

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