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Body Weight Training Is Different From Weight Training, Know How?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Our knowledge and interests often stir among the technicality of things and knowing them superficially. We tend to believe that knowing and gaining superficial knowledge in today's busy world is enough and thus we end up adopting temporary routine and lifestyle habits that result in unfulfilling outcomes. Nowadays, people aren't very much aware of minute details and differences between various weight training programs and end up choosing up the wrong one. Hence, the fads of blindly following the fit regime produce unhealthy repercussions. Thus, knowing the difference and details about specific training tools and techniques is crucial.

There’s a perceived misconception between the two weight training regimes – Body Weight Training & Weight Training. Just like we mentioned earlier, it isn’t about fad or trend but the specific body requirement for a particular training technique. Going ahead with the same, let’s discuss both the different training techniques in detail.

Body Weight Training


It is a technique or says, a strength or support mechanism which invokes and uses the body strength and endurance to practice weight exercise or weight pieces of training. As the name suggests, an individual's body weight plays a vital role in providing and inducing core physical abilities like strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Benefits of Body Weight Training

Equipment – less Training is the one where you don't need to rely upon much of the hustle of the machines and types of equipment rather body weight and core strength is used to achieve the targeted fit factor.

Enhances core abilities Body Weight Training techniques are the ones that enhance and built core physical abilities providing enhanced strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination, balance etc.

Cost – Friendly activities or techniques included in the Body Weight Training regime are cost-friendly and easily learnt through videos or online sessions as well. You can connect with our team as well for such a cost-effective; body-specific and well – instructed Body Weight Training program.

Provision all levels are well catered in all levels of training segments providing a full-body workout targeting almost every area or complex movement.

Weight Training


Weight Training exercise involves strength exercises which help to gather resistance by using external artificial weights. It is practiced likely to achieve stronger muscles. It is not something you can practice or learn on your own; also it is strictly advisable to learn and practice Weight Training exercises under the guidance of a skilled practitioner or trainer. Faulty or improper way of exercising Weight training techniques may lead to sprain, strain or other injuries. You can visit or connect with us for a well managed and most effective Weight Training program for you.

Benefits for opting for Weight Training

Bone strength - provides more strength to not just muscles but your bones as well.

Helps fat loss - much effective in boosting the metabolism and helps in faster fat loss.

Improves endurance - helps in providing strength to core physical abilities like improving and invoking enhanced endurance power.

Mental health - is a proven way of boosting your mental health and it helps in recovering depression, easing anxiety and boosting self–esteem and self–confidence levels.

As we have seen, both similar sounding training programs vary from each other in almost every aspect and involve seeking proper knowledge and expert guidance for learning and practising both of the training techniques. Also, both the training techniques serve a different purpose and so specific individual requirements should be fulfilled under the guidance of a skilled practitioner or trainer. You can look forward to reaching The Nikk Fit World for a better and professionally customized training experience.


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