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Live Training Sessions

Live Training Sessions

₹3,000.00 Regular Price
₹2,100.00Sale Price

Small space?

No Gym Membership?

Don't Have any Fitness Equipment?

Not an issue!

This program is design for such circumstances, where fun and serious sweatty workout meets in your living room!

  • Online Group Training Session.

    • Like any other group training session, this session also will b lead by Coach in your living room only.
    • An effective programing including Warmup, Mobility Drills followed by mixture of Strength and Conditioning exercises with HIIT Cardio.
    • Build muscles and burn fat simultaneously. 
    • Your each and every movement will b watched by Coach.
    • Abs Attack and Stretching drills also will be a part of session.
    • Super energy level and motivation will be in the session.
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