Frequently asked questions

90 Days Transformation Program

OK! Coach. Why should I join your program? There are many other cheap program available.

Please ask yourself. You want Results with right way keeping good taking care of you and your health or just want rapid weight loss at cheap price.

Can you afford to be energy less and feel weak whole day long or want to be stronger each and every day you training with us.

Stay Away From So-Called fitness trainer or dieticians who will put you on crash diets and will damage your system and imbalance your hormones.

We believe in science and its methods to take care for human. we will not ask you to take any fat burner or any magical pill. we will make you eat real food, but yes! in right way.

Do I need any fitness equipment for workout?

If you do not have any it’s completely ok, and it’s you have any Dumbbell or any fitness it’s good. You can use it to make your workout session more intense.

How many Kgs can I lose in this program?

World Healthiest rate of losing weight is 4-5 per months. And we will aim for the same but the number of kgs you will lose totally depend on you how strictly you are following the diet and how regularly you are doing your workout.

I never joined any gym or did workout. Can I do all this High Intensity training thing ?

Off course Yes!. We have design the workout program in such a way, that everyone can do it in own pace and intensity.

If you don’t know any exercise we have given you link which you can refer.

I am doing gym since past few years but can’t see much results can you help me?

Getting results get easier when you eat right food and right workout according to your goal. With the training plan you will get the exercise link and tutorials.

I had a injury in past, how can I do workout?

First of all please ask your doc for the same if you get green signal from them than we will customise our workout plan according to you.

Can I take PCOD tablets along with your diet plan?

Yes! You can take them. PCOD can be reverse by just improving your life style by eating clean and good food and doing right exercise.

I just Became a mother. Can I Still join this plan?

For Diet Yes! Post pregnancy your body is weak and needs the right kind of food to recover.

And about workout, after six month of giving birth you should do exercise that too on doctors advise.

What about Any Other Doubts and Queries?

We will be in contact by Email, WhatsAppÔand call. We will provide support in business hours that will be 10am to 7pm by our team.

When I will start doing my program?

Once you make online payment, you need to sit relax. Our team will call you and ask you to fill the form. After that with in 4 working days you will get your both plans.

Will I Get Refund if I will not get any results?

Will I Get Refund if I will not get any results?

Honesty, paid money can not be refunded neither can be transfer to any other person in any case.

Our team wants serious members. Who can be actually true to them self and for the program. If you are coming with any excuse or any medical condition please discuss it with your family, doctor and our team via Facebook Messenger tool popping on the screen.

if you cannot give you 100% in the program please save your money, time and energy.