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Is Intermittent Fasting Good, Know the Fact?

The world is adapting with a rapid change in eating habits and lifestyle measures. Where now you find a huge amount of youth and say almost every age group of the generation spending in eating street food and junk food and simultaneously adopting a sedentary lifestyle; you may find problems and issues related to gaining weight, obesity and various other healthcare complications arise due to sedentary lifestyle. Due to this sudden drift towards binge eating of junk food and sedentary lifestyle, people have lost core physical abilities like strength, endurance, stamina etc. and when medical complications arise they prefer adopting other unhealthy hyped fads or trends which even though may help them to some extent but may lead to further serious complications if adopted without any supervision from an expert. Such a hyped fad is “Intermittent fasting!”

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a fasting technique or says a set of various fasting techniques for reducing a certain amount of energy intake but it is very technical to be specific and is supervised by a highly skilled expert or a dietician. It is prescribed to those who have gained overweight around 100kgs or more and there are different techniques namely alternate day fasting, periodic fasting, daily time-restricted feeding etc. It is purposefully prescribed to the ones gaining 100kgs or more to limit uncontrolled cravings and problems of binge eating.

NOTE! It is advisable not to adopt intermittent fasting without any prescription from a skilled practitioner, also if you try it on your own without proper prescription and consultation, you may have to face adverse and drastic effects. Also, it can lead to serious complications.



Pros of intermittent fasting

Since intermittent fasting is not completely wrong and is beneficial for overweight people for losing weight or alter the effects of any chronic disease, let us see the benefits of pros of intermittent fasting

  • Diabetes and obesity – Intermittent fasting has resulted in weight loss and diabetes control in obese and diabetic people helping to get expected results.

  • Physical performance – Researches have shown that people with intermittent fasting gained muscle mass, lost extra weight and fostered better stamina and endurance thus enhancing physical performance.

  • Better memory functioning – May improve concentration and memory functioning also provides endurance against memory decline that comes with the age decline.

  • Promotes cardiovascular health – Intermittent fasting lowers the levels and so does prevents serious cardiovascular diseases.

  • Better recovery rates – Intermittent fasting is such a boon for many chronic diseases and gives a better recovery rate against them. It helps to fight cancer, lower cholesterol and insulin levels and along with that since both cholesterol level and insulin level affects heart health, helps and faster and better recovery of stroke survivors.

Cons of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting should not be practiced on your own until and unless it is prescribed by your skilled dietician or trainer. It can have extreme and serious complications if adopted by self. Do not try this without expert supervision.

  • It can result in nausea, dizziness, headaches and anxiety disorders.

  • Intermittent fasting can still result in weight gain.

  • Pregnant women and lactating women should avoid intermittent fasting as it will affect the baby’s health along with the strained health of the lactating or pregnant mother.

  • Teenagers should avoid adopting this fad as teenagers are in the growing phase of their lives and require nutrients in a proper and balanced way. Intermittent fasting may cut some nutrient intake in the body and result in stunted growth.

  • People who have previously suffered from eating disorders should not try intermittent fasting as it can result in adverse complications.

  • People with diabetes or blood sugar problems also need to be very cautious while adopting this fad as it can harm their health and cause serious implications so one needs to be cautious for the same.

As a coin has two sides, likewise intermittent fasting governs both its pros and cons. It is a very specific fasting procedure that cannot be adopted without a prescription from a skilled practitioner. It is a risky way of losing weight and one needs to be extremely cautious while adopting this hyped fad.

For more such posts keep reading and comment on your opinion as well. Do not forget to paint the heart red. Keep care and Stay healthy!

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